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Natural Alarm Clocks We had a great summer, did you? Are you refreshed and re-charged after the lovely long days? If you want to stay like that, don't let the shorter days and darker mornings get you down. Look at all our SAD Light Boxes and Natural Alarm Clocks to keep your bodyclock in tip-top shape.

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Sleep/Wake Better

The sunrise is the Natural Alarm through which we set our own body clock thus aligning our normal daily rhythms (Circadian Rhythms) with night and day. Basically the chemical Melatonin is produced by a small gland in our brains as it becomes dark at night. And the stimulation of light in the mornings "switches off" the production.

However because of a combination of early rising, late nights and spending extra time in bed at weekends our bodies are thrown out of synchronisation. In addition to this our climate gives rise to varying light levels particularly in the mornings with the result that Melatonin continues to be produced and this can give rise to many of the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D)

SAD is a type of winter depression, affecting as many as two million people in the UK each winter between September and February. Symptoms include a general feeling of gloom and misery, a lack of interests in normal social activities and an overall feeling of depression for no obvious reason. Some people refer to S.A.D. as Seasonal Affected Disorder or SAD Disorder.

S.A.D. symptoms may be accompanied by a craving for carbohydrates and sweet foods, often resulting in unwanted weight gain, adding to SAD depression. Sufferers find that they can sleep longer but wake up feeling tired and gain no benefit from the extra sleep. Very often, SAD is a disregarded illness, with sufferers putting their symptoms down to the 'winter blues'. However Sad Disorder can be an extremely debilitating condition

This can affect many teenagers and adults alike who have trouble in getting up in the mornings for school or work and then feel tired, stressed or depressed.

Our range of Natural Alarm Clocks (Dawn Simulators) can help by waking you up gently just like sunrise. With your natural body clock (circadian rhythm) set to run in time with your day you are bound to feel more refreshed and alert in addition to being ready to sleep at nights.

Zeitgebers: The Body's Way of Synchronizing.

In order for to reconcile the difference between natures exact twenty-four hour cycle and the internal circadian rhythms we free-run on, nature has given us "zeitgebers", a German word that means "time givers". As modern lifestyles demand more flexibility in schedules, man has lost touch with its most valuable zeitgerber, which is the sun. Modern lifestyles, work schedules, and indoor living has altered the amount of sunlight we receive as well as how we set our schedules.

It used to be that people generally woke up at dawn, worked and spent much of their day outside or near a window, and at nighttime they read by low levels of light until retiring to bed. For better or worse, we don't follow that pattern any longer.

Social zeitgebers are important in organizing the human day. The alarm clock is an important social cue. It wakes us up and helps us to get on our schedule. Other social zeitgebers include daily activities such as eating meals together with a family, watching television, reading the mail or other regimented type of activities that are habitual in nature.

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We are part of a company called the SAD Light Hire Company Limited who have now been around for about 14 years and have been involved in the supply of Light Therapy Equipment and Natural Alarm Clocks for the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder and circadian rhythm disorders such as late night insomnia (delayed circadian rhythm disorder), early morning insomnia (advanced circadian rhythm disorder) As part of a family company, Philip Bunting is a very experienced community pharmacist who has specialised in the subject since his wife discovered that she was a SAD sufferer in the early 1990s. Between them they now have a wealth of experience and now one of the most professionally respected suppliers of light therapy equipment and Natural Alarm Clocks in the UK and Europe.

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